We are here today because of a dream. A dream that was shared by our three founders, Shri K. Periyasamy Nadar, Shri S. Varadarajan and Shri S. S. V. Chellakani Nadar. A dream that went far beyond their humble beginnings, and paved the way to making us the professionally run, a successful bussiness organisation that we are today. All our founders shared common traits - they were all incredibly far-sighted and had an unerring instinct for success, yet were unpretentious men who lived by their strong value system. The example they set is what leads vaighai on today, and forms the core of our principles.

Shri K. Periyasamy Nadar

Shri K. Periyasamy Nadar hailed from a poor family in a tiny village called Karisalkulam. He came to Madurai to seek his fortune at the age of 13, and began by working at the grocery shop. He started trading in called a feed, travelling from place to place on a bicycle. Diligent and meticulous, he was a man with tremendous foresight. He went on to trade in textiles, blue metals, fireworks and matches, set up a printing press and was instrumental in setting up the Cattle Feed Association in Madurai. He played a major role in bringing up the Sivakasi Nadar Wedding Hall.


Shri S. S. V. Chellakani Nadar

Shri S. S. V. Chellakani Nadar was a freedom fighter in the Indian struggle for independence. After independence, he was affiliated to the Congress Party and was close friends with prominent politicians like Mr. K. Kamaraj, Mr. P. A. Ramachandran and Mr. M. S. V. Chitan. An eminently successful man, he did very well in a multitude of areas from printing to the manufacture of fireworks, grease and cement. A simple man who valued integrity above all else, he was passionate about the business and worked industriously right until his demise in 2005 at the age of 85.


Shri ‘Annabathi’ S. Varadarajan

Shri S. Varadarajan equipped with nothing but a middle school education, travelled on foot to Madurai from his village when he was only 7 years old. A visionary and a leader, he had an innate perception of how doing business. He began by making camphor at home, and later saw huge success in the incense sticks business - he marketed ‘Annabathi’ to 8 states all over India. He visited Europe and the USSR - he had gone a long way indeed from his tiny village in South India. After a successful stint in construction, he started Vaighai in 1980 with his friends. He was fascinated by football, and sponsored the Annabathi Football Match and the 100-sovereigns Gold Cup.


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  Customised packaging

  Free flow material

  Grades based on application

  Different particle sizes


  Safety Matches


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